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Gayle King Likens Opposing Same-Sex 'Marriage' to Opposing Desegregation

Obama booster Gayle King attacked conservative Dennis Prager on Thursday's CBS This Morning for his opposition to same-sex marriage. King channeled the left by equating such opposition to opposing ...
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CBS Gives Krugman Platform to Bash Austerity, Call for More Spending

On Monday, CBS This Morning gave leftist New York Times columnist Paul Krugman a platform to promote his new book and to spout his usual prescription of massive government spending. Krugman also ...
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Cybill Shepherd Rants About 'War On Women'; Hypes 'Mother's Scared for Me'

TV star Cybill Shepherd went on a radical feminist bender on Friday's CBS This Morning, touting that there really is a "war on women" manifested by the "attack on Planned Parenthood." Anchor Gayle ...
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Gayle King Attends Obama Fundraiser; ABC Omits She's a CBS Anchor

On Saturday, ABC's Devin Dwyer reported how President Obama gave "a rousing speech to 600 donors in Chicago and closed it with an intimate appeal before 40 'friends' that included...Oprah ...
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CBS's Crawford: Mrs. Santorum's 'Frustration' With Media 'Understandable'

Jan Crawford spotlighted Karen Santorum's "frustrations with the media" on Tuesday's CBS This Morning, adding that it was "understandable. They've been mocked by some for how they grieved the loss ...
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