ABC's Prank News Show Hunts for Secret, Anti-Gay Bigotry in a NJ Diner

ABC's undercover news show, What Would You Do, on Friday continued to search for examples of bigotry across America. Anchor John Quinones narrated a segment featuring two men pretending to be gay ...

A Laudatory Look at Gay-Straight Student Clubs in Oppressive Utah

Playing catch-up, Eric Eckholm cheerleads for gay-straight alliances in Utah high schools - student clubs that are thriving despite narrow-minded conservative attempts to stifle them" with ...

Times Embraces 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal As 'Historic'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse embraces another liberal piece of legislation as "historic": "The vote marked a historic moment that some equated with the end of racial segregation in the military."

Polls Show Public Has Other Priorities, But Contessa Brewer Urges Senate to Repeal DADT

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer thinks the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is a national "priority" that needs to be passed during the lame duck session.

Art Critic on 'Ideological Strong-Arming' of D.C. Gay Artists Show: 'Difference Was Sent Back Into Hiding'

Art critic Holland Cotter did not approve of the removal of a video from a Smithsonian show featuring gay artists, and made it known in a pretentious manner: "With the exhibition 'Hide/Seek: ...

Law Center Designates Conservative Pro-Family Organizations 'Hate Groups'

Family Research Council listed alongside KKK, Nazi Party.

Pumping Up a Struggling Democratic Senator's Prospects in Colorado

A neutral headline hides a warm profile by Kirk Johnson of Susan Daggett, wife of Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado. Western-based reporter Johnson has a history of reporting ...

Frank Rich Hits for the Cycle in Smearing GOP Figures As Encouraging Racism and Violence

Frank Rich goes from Carl Paladino, to Glenn Beck, to Sarah Palin, and back to Paladino in a free-form smear attempt that blames conservatives for past, present, and future violence: "But in the ...

ABC Links 'Explosive' Paladino Comments on Gays to Brutal Attack in NYC

Good Morning America's hosts on Monday repeatedly linked comments by Carl Paladino to a brutal crime against homosexuals. After playing a clip of the gubernatorial nominee saying he didn't want ...

Blogger Blames Christians For Gay Suicides

Claims a direct relationship between the gay teen suicide rate, and the common, absolute Christian condemnation of gays.
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