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New York Times Uses 9-11 Anniversary to Accuse Bush of 'Negligence,' but Neglects to Bring Evidence

The Times gives former reporter Kurt Eichenwald space to blame Bush for "negligence" on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, but fails to bring the evidence: "...the administration’s ...
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CNN Contributor Cites Bush's Katrina Fiasco to Ask If GOP Is 'Worried' About Hurricane

In light of Tropical Storm Isaac threatening the Gulf coast during the Republican National Convention, The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza evoked shades of Hurricane Katrina and the Bush malaise on ...
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NBC's Mitchell Evokes 'Iconic Picture' of Bush 'Looking Down at New Orleans'; Claims GOP 'Especially' Has 'Challenge' With Tropical Storm

For the second straight night, NBC Nightly News on Monday played the Hurricane Katrina card against Republicans, as Tropical Storm Isaac veered away from Tampa and took aim at New Orleans. Andrea ...
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NBC's Todd: 'Shadow of Bush and Katrina Does Hang Over' GOP Convention

On Sunday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Chuck Todd raised the invoked former President Bush and Hurricane Katrina from seven years ago  as potential embarrassments for the Romney campaign ...
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NBC's Isikoff Links Bush to Gun Used in Aurora Shootings

Appearing on the Saturday, July 21, Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, NBC correspondent Michael Isikoff - formerly of Newsweek - made a point of noting that one of the guns used in the Aurora ...
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NBC's Lauer Invites Elton John to Bash Reagan as 'Overrated,' Cheer Clinton as 'Fantastic'

In an interview with singer Elton John on Tuesday's NBC Today that focused on the performer's AIDS awareness activism, co-host Matt Lauer teed him up to rate recent presidents on combating the ...
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ABC Hyped Bill Clinton's Work to 'Save a Continent,' But Skipped George W. Bush in Africa

When Bill Clinton went to Africa in 2007 to fight AIDS, ABC hyped his important work "to save a continent." Diane Sawyer interviewed the ex-President and Kate Snow followed him to Africa. ...
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Unlike Iraq, ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC Skip 2,000-Death Marker in Afghanistan

In 2005, the Big Three networks offered 14 stories on the Iraq War body count reaching 2,000. But last week, when the body count in Afghanistan reached 2,000, CBS offered one story, and ABC, NBC, ...
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How Would a Consistent News Media Cover a Supreme Court Ruling Against ObamaCare?

How the media might cover a Supreme Court ruling tossing out ObamaCare remains to be seen, but the MRC studied how the networks covered multiple Court rulings tossing out key elements of George W. ...
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Hollywood Still Hates Bush-Cheney

Obama's most favored donor community really loathes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. You wonder if on any level Obama is upset, chagrined, or even embarrassed.
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