George W. Bush

The Bill Press Hate Machine

Bill Press has a new book out called “The Obama Hate Machine.” To read the blurbs, you might wonder if Press thinks no one should be allowed to criticize the president. Here’s Nancy Pelosi ...
Media Research Center

Exhibit 2-7: Bias in the 2004 Presidential Campaign

Four different polls conducted in the last days and immediate aftermath of the 2004 presidential campaign discovered that more voters saw the media as biased in favor of Democratic candidate John ...
Media Research Center

Exhibit 2-4: The People and The Press, 2000

During the 2000 election year, the Pew Research Center for The People and The Press frequently polled public attitudes about the media.
Media Research Center

Exhibit 1-14: Campaign Journalists (2004)

New York Times columnist John Tierney surveyed 153 campaign journalists at a press party at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, and found a huge preference for Democratic Senator ...

A Summer of Skewed News

The Liberal Tilt in TV’s Economic Reporting
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