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NYTimes Hits Police 'Missteps' in Trayvon Martin Case, Played Own Race Games With 'White Hispanic' Zimmerman

Thursday's New York Times runs a front-page story on police "missteps" in the investigation of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. But the Times has committed some questionable decisions in its ...
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Bozell Demands Explanation Over NBC’s 2nd Doctoring of Zimmerman 9-1-1 Call

May 3, 2012 - NBC has quietly fired Today show correspondent Lilia Luciano for yet another misleading edit to George Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 call.  
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NBC News President Admits Network Should Have Corrected on Air the Falsely Edited Zimmerman 911 Call

In a stunning admission to the New York Time's David Carr on Monday, NBC News president Steve Capus confessed that the network made a mistake in not issuing a correction on air for falsely editing ...
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Contrary to CNN's First Assumption, Prosecutors Say Zimmerman Didn't Use Racial Slur

CNN had to walk back its assumption that George Zimmerman uttered a racial slur in his 9-1-1 call, and now an affidavit from the prosecution in the case says no racist words were voiced. CNN first ...
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MRC Calls on Congress to Investigate Comcast / NBC for Journalistic Fraud in Trayvon Martin Reporting

Alexandria, VA – Today, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell announces the media watchdog is calling upon Congress to investigate Comcast / NBC News for the intentional editing of the ...
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MRC Ups Pressure on Comcast, Demands Internal NBC Investigation

The Media Research Center (MRC) is continuing to demand that Comcast investigate NBC’s recent journalistic fraud, compounded by its astonishingly arrogant and unserious “apology.”
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