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Soros-Funded Group Won’t Release Data to Economist Laffer

New study contradicts one from Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity.

How Dare Romney Say Obama Made Economy Worse: Reporters Rush to Prez's Defense

Reporters rush to Obama's defense: How dare Romney say Obama has made the economy worse! "It was a dubious statement, because the unemployment rate fell to precisely what it was during Mr. Obama's ...

CBS's Rose Scolds Newt: 'Why Are Drudge and Ann Coulter Attacking You?'

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose hammered Newt Gingrich on the issue of the opposition his presidential campaign was receiving from some prominent conservatives: "Why are so many ...

Still No Leftist Labels for George Soros in Gushing Piece on His 'Generous Philanthropy'

Stephanie Strom again gushed over billionaire leftist George Soros without giving him an ideological label, and ignoring or glancing over past controversies financial and political: "That ability ...

Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Leftist Billionaire Soros of Violence; NBC Carries Story But Omits His Politics

NBC's Today show on Friday managed to avoid any ideological labels for a story on violence charges against the very liberal George Soros. Instead, reporter Mike Taibbi simply described him as ...

Soros-Funded Media Toe Liberal Line in Debt Coverage

Tax hikes portrayed as only solution by left-wing journalism groups.

Glass Houses: Soros-Funded Alternet Accuses GOP of 'Treason'

But website's benefactor actively undermines U.S. position in world.

David Koch Gives to Libertarians, But George Soros Is Nonpartisan?

Double standards: Left-wing billionaire George Soros, nonpartisan? A Times photo caption reads "David H. Koch, top, has given generously to a libertarian group, and George Soros has donated ...

Soros Event Sets in Motion New Attacks on Dollar

Bretton Woods conference accelerates push for new world currency.

NY Times Again Covers Small Leftist Protest; Ignored Massive 'March for Life' 4 Years Running

After virtually ignoring the conservative "March for Life" four years in a row, the New York Times covers a smaller lefty protest against a gathering by the conservative Koch brothers, accusing ...
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