Times Again Covers Small Leftist Protest; Ignored Massive 'March for Life' 4 Years Running

After ignoring the conservative "March for Life," the Times covers a lefty protest against a gathering by the conservative Koch brothers, accusing them of trying to influence American politics for ...

Media Expand Left-Wing Attack on Chamber of Commerce over 'Foreign' Contributions

MSNBC, other news outlets accept unproven claims of progressive blog against U.S. business group as election nears.

Journos Slam Liberal 'Pro-Israel' Group for Lying About Soros Money

J Street misled media on ties to Soros for years.

News: Unlabeled Leftist George Soros Gives $100M to Unlabeled Anti-Israel Group

Stephanie Strom writes an entire favorable article about famous billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros without mentioning his history of liberal giving and Bush-bashing.

Van Jones: 'Higher Energy Costs Are Unavoidable'

Former green jobs czar join Soros headlining liberal event, argues for 'dramatically more' than $80 billion in spending.

Econ 101: Do We Need a New Theory of Market Stability?

Newsweek editor argues against free markets, but evidence suggests regulation was to blame for economic collapse.

ABC Touts George Soros as a Superhero; Ted Turner Is Superman?

George Soros is a superhero along the lines of Batman and Superman? That's the comparison ABC's John Berman made on Thursday's Good Morning America. He was reporting on a closed door meeting of ...

To CNN, More Regulation from Treasury Isn't Worth Noting

American Morning host again cites Soros' criticism of Paulson, but is silent on anti-free market bent of possible picks.

Peter Goodman's Latest Left-Wing Gloat Over Capitalism's Crises

The Times' most left-wing economics reporter blames Greenspan for unleashing the whirlwind of unfetted capitalism: "Over the years, Mr. Greenspan helped enable an ambitious American experiment in ...

Soros Bashes Free Market in USA Today Profile

Paper: Billionaire supporter of liberal causes calls theory of markets 'rubbish.'
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