Obama "Wins Troops' Cheers" in Iraq, But Bush's Thanksgiving Visit Greeted With Petulance

Obama visits Baghdad: "In Unexpected Visit to Iraq, Obama Wins Troops' Cheers." Bush visits Baghdad in Thanksgiving 2003: "President Bush with American troops yesterday at the mess hall at Baghdad ...

Slimy Bush Bashing in the Science Section

A cheap shot against the former president in a story about...a giant amoeba?

Assaulting Bush in Phony War Over "Academic Freedom"

Magazine writer James Traub uses left-wing controversy over plans for a Bush presidential center at Southern Methodist University to talk another assault on Bush's legacy.

NYT Frets Over Conservatives "Slurring" Obama with "Socialist" "Brickbat"

Mark Leibovich: "It seems that 'socialist' has supplanted 'liberal' as the go-to slur among much of a conservative world....Right-leaning bloggers and talk radio hosts are wearing out the ...

George W. Bush's "Free Market Orthodoxy"?

Was that before or after the massive expansion of Medicare?

"Young and Stupid" George Bush, Henry Hyde

Timothy Egan starts out writing about a baseball superstar's steroid use and ropes in two prominent Republicans along the way.

The Times (Now) Sees Possible Victory in Iraq

After denying the possibility of winning in Iraq during the Bush years, the Times is suddenly having second thoughts: "This is what victory in the war in Iraq was supposed to look like...."

Critic Ben Brantley's Anti-Bush Theatrics

I must have been out sick those days: "The days when criticism of Mr. Bush could be censured as unpatriotic may be long gone..."

Obama's Take out The Trash Day

Networks help new administration side-step abortion controversy.

Science Reporter Lets Tears of Joy Flow Over Obama

Science reporter Dennis Overbye lets the tears flow over Obama: " could feel a dark cloud lifting like a sigh from the shoulders of the scientific community in this country."
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