Reporter Glad "American Macho" of Bush Era on the Wane

Reporter Alan Feuer on the paper's City Room blog: "It's safe to say that with the Bush era behind us, the American Macho - responsible for Blackwater and 'Mission Accomplished'- is on the wane."

NYT Reporter Jokes About How Bush Team Resembled Drunken Bar Bullies

An exchange from The Daily Show: Host Jon STEWART: "Didn't many around him want to go confront everybody? I mean, literally it felt like these are just like a bunch of drunken frat... it reminds ...

Ashcroft vs. Holder: A Tale of Two Vote Delays

Double standard? "Democrats...hardening their opposition" to John Ashcroft in 2001, but Senate Republicans are now "denying President Obama the chance to have a key member of his national security ...

Good Riddance to Bush's "Ideological Certainties," Says David Sanger

Reporter David Sanger used Obama's inaugural address to regret how Bush "went to war in the Middle East but rejected the shared sacrifice of conservation."

Obama's Very Name a Soothing Mantra in Difficult Times

Reporter turned editorialist Francis Clines: "The new president's name, simply his name, was just the restorative the enormous crowds needed." And a lead editorial takes cheap departing shots at ...

On Front Page, Obama Now Being Praised for Reading

Book critic Michiko Kakutani writes that "Mr. Obama's love of fiction and poetry...has not only given him a heightened awareness of language. It has also imbued him with a tragic sense of history ...

Inauguration Hypocrisy: NYT Chided Bush Gala, but Obamans Free to Party

What happened to the paper's 2005 anti-Bush criticism of a "lavish inaugural celebration in a time of war"?

Media Mudballs Unlikely for Obama Inaugural

History of Double Standards: Clinton Touted as Sturdy-Jawed Icon; Bush's Speech Paired with Funeral.

David Sanger: "Distraction" of Iraq War Came at Grievous Cost

Reporter David Sanger has encapsulated his opposition to Bush's foreign policy in book form: "The argument of the book is that Iraq not only cost 4,000 American lives, $800 billion and untold ...

Reviewer: Reporter David Sanger's Book Sure to Infuriate Rove, Bill O'Reilly

A reviewer on reporter David Sanger's anti-Bush book: "These unvarnished conclusions by Mr. Sanger will of course confirm the perfidy that Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly presume lies in the black ...
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