Stolberg: Bush to Blame for Not Playing Nice With Media

Reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg on George W. Bush: "If he had engaged the press throughout his administration and used the press to his advantage, he would not find himself at the end of his ...

NYT Front-Page Spread Blames Bush for "Mortgage Bonfire"

Two Bush-hostile reporters stack virtually all the blame for the mortgage meltdown on President Bush, despite actions by Congress and the previous Clinton administration.

'Lost' In America

In 2008, we've lost a lot more than mere wealth.

Putting the Boot In: Iraq Attack Kicks Off Front-Page Mockery of Bush

The editorial board blog harrumphs: "But we hope Mr. Bush does not only see the incident as a source of endless 'shoe' jokes." So why did the paper use the incident to mock Bush?

Iraqi Shoe-Hurling Journalist Merely Expressing "Dissent"?

The Times pointed out that symbols of both Bush and Saddam Hussein had been pelted with shoes by Iraqis, emphasizing that the protest against Bush had been "far bigger."

Frank Rich: Blagojevich Not the Real Crook

"Blagojevich's alleged crimes pale next to the larger scandals of Washington and Wall Street. Yet those who promoted and condoned the twin national catastrophes of reckless war in Iraq and ...

The Myth of "Pragmatic" Clinton vs. "Incurious" George

Presenting Bill Clinton, the "pragmatic" president who pushed for overseas abortion funding and gays in the military.

Thomas Friedman's Sudden Obama-Based Optimism on Iraq

What gall: The Times' columnist sees Obama and the Democrats benefiting from an improving situation in Iraq - but fails to mention their staunch opposition to the troop surge that made the ...

NYT Says Dan Rather Right on GOP-CBS Conspiracy

Jacques Steinberg lauds Dan Rather, still clever like a fox: "Using tools unavailable to him as a reporter - including the power of subpoena and the threat of punishment against witnesses who lie ...

Cutesy Shop Liberated Me from the Bush Years

Mike Albo: "If you feel as if you have been emotionally, professionally and politically run over by a tank for the last, say, eight years, then the well-selected, fun merchandise and carbonated ...
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