Double Standards: Glenn Beck's 'Ignorant,' 'Insulting' Remarks on Churches, But Silence on Olbermann's Nazi Attack on Jew

While Glenn Beck "managed to insult just about every mainline" Christian church in the country with controversial remarks about social justice, left-wing host Keith Olbermann makes Nazi ...

Patel: 'Van Jones, Faith Hero'

HuffPo Religion section fawns over former Green Jobs czar for supposedly 'loving Glen Beck,' while failing to point out why Jones resigned.

Matthews: Do Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Honestly Believe What They Say?

Chris Matthews on Tuesday's Hardball questioned the sincerity of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as the MSNBC host asked his guest radio talk show host Michael Smerconish: "Do you think they ...

Dueling Chalkboards: MSNBC's Ratigan Mocks Beck After Global Warming Charge

'Dylan Ratigan Show' host finally calls out Al Gore for 'fear-mongering' but challenges Beck with his own red phone.

Left Claims to Have Chased Away 100+ Beck Advertisers

Eight-month old boycott appears to be losing steam in U.S.

Arianna Huffington: Free Speech Applies Only to Liberals

Huffington Post founder finds fault with paranoid style of conservative speech while ignoring inflammatory liberal accusations.

'Far Right' Criticizing Obama on Haiti

Helene Cooper and Mark Landler stanch criticism of Obama's Haiti policy by giving it a radioactive label.

Dan Rather: Glenn Beck 'Controversial;' 'Loves' Keith Olbermann

n the third part of an interview on's Media Beat, ex-CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather shared some thoughts on various media personalities. He labeled Fox News host Glenn Beck ...

Columnists Who Blamed Conservative Media for 'Right-Wing' Killings Ignoring Fort Hood Massacre

An Army major espousing radical Islamic views has been charged with killing 13 at Fort Hood. But the Times' liberal columnists, so quick to blame Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck for previous ...

Surprise: ABC's Sawyer Hits Gore on Profits From Global Warming, Plays Glenn Beck Attack

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer conducted a surprisingly tough interview with Al Gore on Tuesday, pressing him on profiting from global warming and whether or not climate change legislation is ...
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