'Nightly News' Proposes 'Geo-Engineering' Atmosphere as Solution to Climate Change

Segment suggests tinkering with the clouds and posting other elements in space to prevent so-called manmade climate change.

Apocalypse Now: Melting Glaciers 'Threatening the Existence of Nearly 100 Million People'

It wouldn't be an enviro-scare story on climate change without a tasteless comparison to the 9-11 attacks: "Glaciers are part of the majestic landscape here, visible from almost everywhere in the ...

In Touting 'Climate Justice' Protesters, Networks Oblivious to Communist Participation

Network journalists who were quick to see racists amongst the "tea party" protesters were oblivious on Saturday to communists in the "climate justice" march in Copenhagen whose cause they ...

Thomas Friedman on CNN: ClimateGate an 'Idiot Debate,' 'Nonsense'

Green columnist Thomas Friedman dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on CNN, labeling it nonsense and an idiot debate.

Thomas Friedman on CNN: ClimateGate an 'Idiot Debate,' 'Nonsense'

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on Thursday's Situation Room on CNN, labeling it "nonsense" and an "idiot debate." Anchor Wolf Blitzer ...

ABC's Liberal Weatherman Sam Champion Tweets: ClimateGate Is 'Not Reportable as Such'

Good Morning America weatherman and global warming alarmist Sam Champion asserted on Twitter that ClimateGate is "not reportable as such." This analyst queried him on the site about why the ...

NYT Finds Climate Skeptics in Copenhagen

Tom Zeller Jr. stumbles upon some Copenhagen contrarians and treats them with some respect.

FNC's Wallace: 'Denier' Label Ascribes 'Religious Certainty' to Global Warming

'Fox News Sunday' host doesn't dispute anthropogenic climate change, but challenges blind faith put in the science.

ClimateGate 'An Inconvenient Scandal' Which 'Threatens to Crumble' Global Warming Consensus

ABC and CBS discounted the scientific relevance of the admissions and obfuscations displayed in the ClimateGate e-mails, but on Wednesday night they finally devoted full stories to the controversy ...

Sign Us Up: Trillions to Fight Global Warming 'Relatively Small Fraction' of Total Economic Output

Fighting "global warming" will cost trillions of dollars, but don't worry, John Broder explains, it's "a relatively small fraction of the world's total economic output."
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