To Letterman's Annoyance, His Mom Won't Blame Global Warming for Warm Days in Indianapolis

David Letterman is a big believer in cataclysmic predictions about global warming, but on Wednesday's Late Show his mom, Dorothy, rejected his proposition that global warming was to blame for some ...

ClimateGate 1 Year Later: Networks Barely Cover Scandal, But Defend and 'Exonerate' Accused Scientists

Climate controversy shook public's faith in global warming science, but not network news media's. Reporters downplayed allegations, defended the science and turned accused into victims.

Gail Collins Defends Nancy Pelosi, Calls Alaska GOP Joe Miller a 'Mean-Spirited Egoist'

Gail Collins: "If the Republicans take the House, the country will realize not only that every speaker is doomed to become a caricature of themselves, but also that the caricature can be way, way ...

Meet the Global Warming Skeptics: Ignorant Tea Party Fundamentalists, Oil Company Shills

John Broder again insults those who doubt the view that man is causing the earth's temperature to rise with harmful results, setting up two fundamentalist Christians and skeptics as inviting ...

Exploding Children in Eco-Group's Video Fails to Upset Liberal News Media

Shocking British short to promote cutting carbon emissions shows skeptics being blown up for not participating.

Miracle on West 57th: CBS Ties Lee to Gore and Quotes Assessment of Bush as 'Intelligent'

Wednesday's CBS Evening News, without Katie Couric, uniquely amongst the broadcast network evening newscasts tied Discovery Channel hostage-taker/bomber James Lee to Al Gore and, even more ...

HuffPo: 'Missed Opportunity' of BP Spill, Cap and Trade, are 'Point of No Return'

Jim Garrison laments the failure of the eco-left to legislate change on climate issues, surprisingly suggests private sector might be quickest route to change.

Andrea Mitchell: I Thought Al Gore Settled Global Warming Debate

MSNBC host bewildered that Republican candidates would use threat of higher energy taxes supported by Democrats as campaign fodder.

Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn't Climate

From Associated Press to national newspapers, coverage of floods, fires, droughts, sinkholes make 'case' for global warming alarmism.

Extreme Weather Again Excites Extreme Greens on the Front Page of the Times

Global-warming skeptics appeared briefly in paragraph 16 and were followed immediately with rebuttal by reporter Justin Gillis.
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