Maxim Editor Compares 'Crazy' Bachmann to Hitler, Hussein and Bin Laden

Joe Levy suggests rapper Kanye West could have also compared himself to the Minnesota Congresswoman.

Jim Cramer: Gold Going to $2,000

CNBC host contends precious metal is not in a bubble and the fundamentals are in place for value to skyrocket.

Peter Schiff -- Purveyor of Libertarian Principles ... When Convenient

Former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and so-called financial expert laments his competition's ability to beat him with use of advertising.

Rep. Weiner's Anti-Goldline/Beckophobia Crusade Falls Flat

New York congressman's efforts to marginalize Fox News host by attacking sponsor gets little notice.

CNBC's Insana: Ron Paul 'Doesn't Even Have a Basic Understanding of Fundamental Economics'

Network's 'senior analyst & commentator' suggests if there wasn't a perceived conflict of interest with congressman's investments, it would be a joke.

Billion-Dollar Fund Manager Predicts Dow 5,000, Gold $2,000

Prudent Bear Funds director advises viewers of Bloomberg TV to move out of equities, into safer investments.

MSNBC's Matthews Blames Higher Gold Prices on Ailing Bush Economy

'Hardball' host forgets how it was like when he worked for Jimmy Carter.
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