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Greece the Wheels...

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CNBC Baffled by Communist Logic in Greece

Squawk Box finds anti-Euro communists blaming bureaucracy for failures of communism.
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To Greece in a Handbasket

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Europe Sweeps

Jim Cramer

Greece Heads for Default, Despite Media Predictions It Wouldn’t

Jim Cramer and other media analysts predicted default wouldn’t be necessary thanks to government bailouts.

Sounding Desperate, NYT Warns of Military Takeover in Greece if Euro is Abandoned

Economics reporter Landon Thomas Jr. turns in his screenplay: "It would be Europe's worst nightmare: after weeks of rumors, the Greek prime minister announces late on a Saturday night that the ...

Reporter Condemns 'Dragon' Germany Proposing a Path of 'Austerity and Suffering' for Poor Greece

"...Germany has floated above the fray. While its economy has hummed along nicely, its leaders have steadfastly insisted that the path to redemption for the debtors lies in austerity and ...

NBC's Gregory Frets Greece-Like Rioting if U.S. Makes 'Draconian' Spending Cuts

On NBC's Sunday Meet the Press, host David Gregory took on an alarmist tone as he worried that any significant attempts to address the nation's enormous debt could lead to violence: "Look at the ...

Newsweek's Clift: U.S. Won't Face Greek Debt Tragedy 'Because We Can Print Money'

'McLaughlin Group' panel, excluding Clift, all warn that U.S. debt a problem to be concerned with.

Krugman Tries to Scare Up More Government Spending with 'Third Depression' Rhetoric

Liberal NY Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner calls European austerity measures 'victory of an orthodoxy that has little to do with rational analysis.'
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