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Greenpeace Activists Damage Nazca Lines, Peru Seeks Criminal Charges

AP reports environmentalists in trouble following stunt at archaeological treasure.
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Upcoming Conference Will Challenge Media’s One-Sided Climate Agenda

Legendary hurricane forecaster, founder of Greenpeace and other scientists will offer another side of climate debate.
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Greenpeace Tries to Scare Kids off Chemicals

In online story, Eco-group warns of chemical ‘monsters’ with tentacles, ‘giant fists.’

Shatner, Greenpeace Boldly Go Where No Green Vandals Have Gone Before

Radical environmental group and Star Trek star join forces against technology giant over 'breaking green promises.'

NBC Ignored Pro-Life March, But Hailed Greenpeace Banner Stunt at Mt. Rushmore

In January, NBC News ignored the thousands of pro-lifers who came to Washington for the annual March for Life. But Brian Williams hailed 12 hard-left Greenpeace activists illegally hanging a ...

Front-Page Placement for Left-Wing Propaganda for Kids

Annie Leonard's "The Story of Stuff" portrays corporations as a bloated person sporting a top hat and with a dollar sign etched on its front. Very subtle!

Greenpeace Maligns Fishing Industry with Inaccurate Ad

Industry organization refutes environmental activists who claim Alaskan Pollock are being 'overfished.'

Greenpeace Resurrects JFK for Global Warming Ad Campaign

Web video depicts dead president warning climate change 'threatens our very existence,' claims 'technology and renewable energy offers the last remaining hope.'
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