Columnist Mark Shields Despairs George W. Bush Too Honorable to Use as Bogeyman

It will be "very difficult for Democrats to demonize" George W. Bush "again" during this campaign season, liberal nationally syndicated columnist Mark Shields despaired on Friday's Inside ...

WaPo Frets 'Hostility' Could Radicalize Young Muslims

One-sided article worries how college students react to over-blown backlash.

Khan Job: GZ Mosque Organizer Said in 2006 1st Amendment Shouldn't Include 'Right to Offend'

Daisy Khan's position today conflicts with her words from past.

ABC Confounded Stabber Not Right-Winger, Still Exploits 'Knife Attack That's Cut Deep Into National Debate Over Faith and Fear'

ABC News sure wanted to paint the man charged with stabbing Muslim cab driver as a bigoted hate crime perpetrator who is the inevitable result of Islamophobic opposition to the mosque near Ground ...

ABC, CBS: Did 'Heightened Fear and Prejudice' of Ground Zero Mosque Prompt NYC Violence?

ABC's Good Morning America and CBS's Early Show on Thursday both speculated as to whether the stabbing of a New York City cabbie was prompted by a climate of anti-Islamic anger. At the same time, ...

CBS Uses Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque to Lecture About 'America Becoming Islamophobic'

"A CBS News poll out tonight finds that seven of ten Americans oppose building a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero," fill-in CBS anchor Jeff Glor announced Wednesday night, but instead of ...

Journalists Have Bad Case of Americaphobia

Viewers tuning out the network news as old media model collapses.

Andrea Mitchell Lectures U.S. on Ground Zero Mosque: America Needs to Be 'More Sensitive to Minority Communities'

Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday fretted that the "angry voices" protesting against the Ground Zero mosque will hurt Barack Obama's attempts to reach out to the Muslim world. Talking to American ...

The Real Moderate Islam: Media Ignore Muslim Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque

Mosque critics Miss USA, Zhudi Jasser and Al-Arabiya director disregarded by networks.

Blast from Past: Dick Cavett 'Genuinely Ashamed' of Americans for Opposing the Mosque

Dick Cavett in a New York Times post online: "These are not proud moments in my heritage. But now, I'm genuinely ashamed of us. How sad this whole mosque business is. It doesn't take much, it ...
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