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NY Times' Weisman Hails Wisdom of Harry Reid's 'Shallow' Attack on Republican Debt Bill

And Reid should know. Reporter Jonathan Weisman approvingly quotes the ultra-partisan Democratic Senate leader's reaction to a Republican bill that would pay U.S. creditors before funding the ...
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CBS Notices Senator Baucus' 'Train Wreck' Label of ObamaCare; ABC, NBC Punt

Jan Crawford touted how ObamaCare going into full effect in early 2014 is "causing all kinds of concern and anxiety, especially with...small business owners" on Friday's CBS This Morning. Crawford ...
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NYT Pitches Sunny Harry Reid as Force on Gun Control, Downplays His Burial of Assault Weapons Ban

Ugh. Jennifer Steinhauer on the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: "Mr. Reid remains an enigma of sorts in Washington, a quiet force whose voice is often barely audible, who skips Sunday talk ...
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ABC Continues Blackout on Obama's Gun Control Setback; CBS, NBC Minimize Coverage

ABC continued ignoring Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's move on Tuesday to drop a proposed federal ban on so-called assault weapons. Neither Wednesday's World News nor Thursday's Good Morning ...
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CNN Omits Harry Reid Implying Sequester Led to Marine Deaths; MSNBC Reported It

Senate Majority Header Harry Reid (D-Nev.) disgustingly implied on Tuesday that a freak explosion killing seven Marines during a training exercise in Nevada happened because of sequester cuts. ...

Networks Compared Obama's Gun Fight to Beating the Nazis, But Blandly Cover Senate Setback

Over the winter, the three networks eagerly compared Barack Obama's push for more gun control to "defeating the Nazis," hyping his "dramatic," "emotional" effort. Yet, when the President suffered ...
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Sen. Reid Blames Marines Deaths on Sequester, New York Times Stays Silent

The New York Times reported on the tragic death of seven Marines on a training exercise in Nevada. But reporters Eric Schmitt and Timothy Williams selectively quoted Democratic Majority leader ...
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All Three Networks Ignore Harry Reid Connecting Marine Deaths to Sequester Cuts

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday linked the accidental deaths of seven U.S. Marines to sequester spending cuts. All three networks have, thus far, skipped the story. After highlighting ...
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CBS Fails to Note How Much Harry Reid's Plan Would Actually Cut from the Deficit

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, national correspondent Chip Reid glossed over proposals in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's fiscal cliff plan that would add to the deficit. "The bill would ...
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