Times Commemorates 9-11: Rise in Hate Crimes, Xenophobia Against Muslims

The Times' special 9-11 section finds "rising hate crimes" and "antipathy" against Muslims in the U.S....but the "hate crime" rate against Jews is much higher. And an editorial laments the "rise ...

Times Again Blames Cab Driver Stabbing on Protesters Against Ground Zero Mosque

A Muslim cab driver is stabbed by a volunteer for a pro-mosque interfaith group, so the Times editorial page naturally blames the anti-mosque mob: "Already New Yorkers have seen a troubled young ...

CNN, MSNBC Hail Hate Crime Legislation; Ignore Consequences for Free Speech

Will religious teaching about homosexuality be prosecuted as a hate crime?

Lauding Kennedy's Liberal Legislative Achievements In Health & Education

Did the failure of Sen. Ted Kennedy's liberal immigration "reform" really lead to "an increase in hate crimes, activity by anti-immigrant groups and ranting on cable television and the Internet"? ...

Brooklyn Student Arrested for 'Hate Crime': Flushing a Koran

Media overlook the story: hate crimes laws are being used to punish speech.

Throwing Hate Crimes Baloney at Our Troops

The Kennedy-Smith hate crimes bill, SB 1105, is baloney no matter how it's sliced. Trying to stick it on a defense bill is disgusting, devious, inappropriate and gratuitous.

The Liberal Attack on Freedom of Speech

The American left has adopted a totalitarian mindset; they're actively working to stamp out dissent.

ABC World News Uses Scary Footage to Push Hate Crimes Bill

News report avoids the real story: the House hate crimes vote.

Politically Incorrect Tragedies in Black and White

Who killed Yankel Rosenbaum? The Times won't tell you.
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