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New York Times Columnists Kristof, Krugman Agree: Repealing Obama-Care Would Have a Body Count

Paul Krugman: "...many people in America really do die every year because they don’t have health insurance. How many deaths are we talking about? That’s not an easy question to answer, and ...
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CNN's Morgan Presses Bachmann from Left on ObamaCare

On Monday's Piers Morgan Tonight, as host Morgan debated guest Rep. Michele Bachmann on ObamaCare, after the Minnesota Republican explained that a government requirement to purchase health ...
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CNN's Gupta -- Once Obama's Candidate for Surgeon General -- Warns of Rising Health Care Costs If Mandate Is Overturned

CNN's chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, was once a serious candidate to be President Obama's surgeon general – and thus a megaphone for ObamaCare – before he turned down the ...

Networks Aid Obama's War on Insurers' Profits

During heated battle over health care 'reform,' only 17 percent of reports point out that insurance companies don't make obscene profits like liberals say.

'World News' Blasts Medicare Competitors in One-Sided Story

ABC continues to make case for public-controlled health care, this time by bashing private Medicare plans and scaring seniors.

ABC Attacks Bush for Threat To 'Cut' Children's Health Insurance

'World News' misrepresents president's promised veto as a funding cut, ignoring $5 billion expansion.

Moore Urges Leno Audience to Threaten Doctors and Insurers

In 'Tonight Show' appearance, filmmaker introduces 'SiCKO health care card' intimidation tactic.

'Evening News' Attacks Privatization of Medicare

CBS report says Medicare Advantage program causes 'untold confusion' and mentions seniors 'scared to death.'

Moore Continues Publicity-Seeking Jihad against CNN

Apology-obsessed filmmaker repeats the same tired demands of CNN, insisting he has been defamed.

MSNBC's Olbermann Gives Thanks to Michael Moore

Filmmaker and host praise one another, Moore attacks insurance companies and profits.
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