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Networks Declare ‘Victory’ for Obamacare Enrollment; Ignore Questions 90 Percent of Time

ABC, CBS and NBC finally report on health insurance plan only to push administration’s alleged numbers success.
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DNC Chair Accuses GOP of Sinister Shutdown Motive on HuffPost Live

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says conservatives oppose giving healthcare to people.
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13 State Attorneys General Warn of Possible ObamaCare 'Privacy Disaster;' CNN Has Yet to Report

Thirteen GOP state attorneys general sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius on Wednesday detailing serious concerns over ObamaCare's privacy protections and warning of a "privacy disaster ...
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Bozell to Network News Chiefs: You Must Cover the Obama Administration's Assault on Religious Freedom

The broadcast and cable television networks need to report the current, unprecedented assault against freedom of religion in this country, as well as the millions of Americans who would be left ...

No Credit to Perry for Texas Economy, But Lots of Blame for Texas Health Care

No credit for Perry on Texas's booming economy, but plenty of blame for him on health care: "But while Mr. Perry condemns both efforts to make carrying health insurance mandatory, Texas faces a ...

Post-Partisan Obama Hit With 'Express Train of Bile,' Piers Morgan Mourns

A well-intentioned President Obama tried to transcend partisanship in Washington, but his efforts were derailed by an "express train of bile" ' according to CNN's Piers Morgan, on Wednesday.

Stingy Perry 'Cemented' Texas's Status as Health Care Pariah State

Kevin Sack: "Mr. Perry, by contrast, eschewed direct efforts to expand coverage in Texas and cemented its status as the state with the highest rate of people without insurance....After Mr. Perry's ...

CBS Looks at 'Cost' and 'Tragedy' of Rick Perry's Refusal to Raise Taxes, Skips Anti-ObamaCare Ruling

Friday night's CBS Evening News examined Rick Perry's record in Texas, citing his claims his policies led to job creation but then pivoting to how "Perry's bedrock pledge to never raise taxes also ...

Food Columnist Bittman Finds Enthusiastic Reception for Taxing Junk Food on MSNBC's 'Dylan Ratigan'

New York Times food writer and junk food sin-tax advocate Mark Bittman took to the August 2 edition of MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan show as part of his promotional tour for Bad Food? Tax It. He found a ...

ABC, CBS and NBC All Skip Revelations of Obama Falsehood on Mother's Insurance

Last week, the New York Times reported that the White House "declined to challenge" the debunking of President Obama's repeated claim that his mother had to fight with her health insurance company ...
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