Times Covers for Pro-Rationing Dr. Donald Berwick and His 'Extensive Real World Experience'

Health reporter Robert Pear attempted to dispel Berwick's image as a cost-cutting, Ivory-tower intellectual who favors severe health-care rationing, but left off his most direct paeans to ...

Time Magazine Cites Lack of Strikes, Rise of Collectivism 'Top Signs of Troubled Economy'

List also takes cracks at health care industry, wacky fast food promotions and big box store weddings.

NY Times: Study Finds Health Care was Big Topic for Left Talkers

Project for Excellence in Journalism research shows how liberal hosts helped sell ObamaCare.

NY Times Marvels At Rwanda's 'National Health Care'

Report buries unavailable services, long wait times, reliance on U.S. aid

CBS 'Early Show' Touts Government Regulation of Salt

At the top of Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez proclaimed: "the truth about salt, why a new report wants the government to take salt off the table." She later introduced a ...

ABC Vets Insist Obama Not on Left, Blocking ObamaCare Reminds Roberts of 'First Step Toward the Civil War'

On ABC's This Week, when Sam Donaldson recommended that President Barack Obama nominate, to replace Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, someone who "is going to stand up for the principles ' ...

Her ObamaCare Mission Achieved, ABC/CBS Veteran Linda Douglass Departs White House

Linda Douglass, the former ABC News and CBS News Washington correspondent who signed aboard the Obama campaign in May of 2008, is resigning next week from her post as Communications Director for ...

Chris Rock: ObamaCare Opponents Like Those in '60s with 'I Hate Martin Luther King' Hats

Commenting on the new health care law, on Wednesday's Late Show with David Letterman, comedian/actor Chris Rock cracked that ObamaCare opponents remind him of those against civil rights in the ...

Sawyer Champions 'Super-Cop' Regulator as 'Gladiator' Against Health Insurance Industry

ABC anchor Diane Sawyer, who in February demanded to know who will "keep insurance companies from jacking up premiums while making huge profits?", on Friday found her champion in the ...
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