Enchanted Matthews Holds Up His Own 'Health Reform Is a BFD' T-Shirt

Touting how "the Democratic National Committee has turned a lemon into lemonade," MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Friday afternoon proudly held up a DNC-produced T-shirt which picks up on Joe Biden's ...

Mediaite Attempts to Elevate Pseudo-Con David Frum to Biblical Status

Contributor Tommy Christopher equates GOP to 'cult' and suggests conservatives will be sorry for not embracing the former AEI scholar as economy improves.

Maher Credits 'Tea Baggers' for Health Care Passage, Palin First to Know About Killing 'Useless' People

Bringing his belittling commentary toward conservatives to a wider audience, on Wednesday's Tonight Show on NBC Bill Maher repeated some of the lines he's spewed in recent weeks on his HBO show ...

Hilarity Ensues

Real costs of health care reform ignored by media.

No Time for a Real Threat as ABC and CBS Skip Arrest of Man Targeting GOP's Cantor

NBC on Monday night squeezed in a few seconds for the arrest of "a Philadelphia man for threatening the life of the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor of Virginia." ...

Barbour on ABC: Media's Given Obama 'Longest Wet Kiss in Political History'

On ABC's This Week, Mississippi's Republican Governor, Haley Barbour, quipped: "I am surprised that the numbers in the Washington Post poll weren't better. I mean, since this thing passed last ...

Washington Post Ties Iowa Protester to Violence, Even Though He Wasn't

Eli Saslow follows health care protester, links tea party and conservative protests to violence.

Nets Not So Excited About Violence and Threats Aimed at ObamaCare Opponents

An evening after all three broadcast network newscasts led by advancing the Democratic narrative of violent ObamaCare critics, a storyline intended to discredit conservatives as all gratuitously ...

Gasparino: Media Cheerleaders Mean Dems Won't Pay A Price in November

FBN correspondent says media are allowing Obama the 'leftist' to ruin the economy.

Nets Lead with 'Ugly' and 'Menacing' ObamaCare Opponents Fueled by Palin's 'Violent Words and Imagery'

Sounding more like MSNBC's Countdown than impartial newscasts, ABC, CBS and NBC all led Wednesday night by legitimizing Democratic talking points meant to discredit critics of the just-passed ...
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