How 'Non-Violent' Is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Twice in two days, the Times has insisted the Egyptian Islamist group has renounced violence. Yet the group's Palestinian branch is Hamas, a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of ...

Times Uses McChrystal Frenzy to Rehash Generic Anti-War Talking Points in Lead Story

"The firestorm was fueled by increasing doubts - even in the military - that Afghanistan can be won and by crumbling public support for the nine-year war as American casualties rise."

Times Needles Obama on His Own 'Finger-Pointing' Over BP Oil Spill

"President Obama on Friday angrily assailed the finger-pointing among the three companies involved in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a 'ridiculous spectacle,' even as his own ...

Wow: Times Actually Compares Obama's Oil Spill Response to Bush-Katrina

The Times chides Obama in two stories and an editorial on Saturday for his administration's dilatory response to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Cooper Accuses Justice Alito of 'Breaking With Decorum' at Obama's State of the Union Rant

According to reporter Helene Cooper, Justice Samuel Alito "escalated" State of the Union confrontation with Obama in January, "breaking with decorum" by shaking his head and mouthing, "No, it's ...

Times Applauds Obama's 'High-Octane Performance' Targeting Health Insurance Industry

A fired-up Obama goes after health insurance companies, and the Times seems to like what it hears: "In a high-octane appearance that harked back to his 'yes we can' campaign days, Mr. Obama ...

'Far Right' Criticizing Obama on Haiti

Helene Cooper and Mark Landler stanch criticism of Obama's Haiti policy by giving it a radioactive label.

Outcry Over Obama's Deep Bow Just 'Ballyhoo From Right-Wing Bloggers'

Helene Cooper has the Times mantra down pat, repeating the same charge she wrote about on Monday: Conservative bloggers made a controversy out of Obama's long, deep bow to the emperor of Japan a ...

Obama in China: No 'Loud Chest-Beating' Like Bush

Diplomatic reporter Helene Cooper applied some spin to Barack Obama's hamstrung visit to Beijing.

Times 'Bows' to Obama Officials Who Say President Observed Protocol in Japan

Besides dismissing concerns over Obama's deep bow in Japan as attacks from "conservative American bloggers," reporters Helene Cooper and David Barboza see Obama making "progress" in getting Russia ...
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