Crackpot Helen Thomas Demands Obama Exit Afghanistan, Lectures: 'Don't Give Us' a 'Bushism'

At Thursday's press conf, Helen Thomas came through with one of her usual crackpot rants ' with a dose of Bush-bashing mixed in: "When are you going to get out of Afghanistan? Why are we ...

NBC's Curry 'Inspired' by Longtime Lib Helen Thomas

NBC's Ann Curry, on Tuesday's Today show, called longtime liberal White House correspondent Helen Thomas her "inspiration." As part of an ongoing series "Today's Mentors and Inspirations," Curry ...

Journalists Actually Criticize Obama's Healthcare Forum

CBS's Chip Reid joined even by liberal Helen Thomas to complain about White House media control.

Thomas Accuses Bloggers of 'Deterioration' of Journalism in Iraq War

Technological advances in media business, especially blogging, upset 'dean of the White House press corps.'
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