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Dark Comedy: WSJ's Taranto Dismisses British Health Care Horror Stories By Citing Paul Krugman

James Taranto, tongue in cheek, criticizes a Times reporter who found "shockingly bad care" in a British hospital: "We certainly hope the Times's public editor sets Lyall straight. After all, as ...

Subject of ABC Medicare Story Claims Misrepresentation

Retiree named Medicare Advantage 'favorite' says 'Good Morning America' exaggerated his support of private insurance companies.

Less Regulated Approach to Kidney Transplant 'Troubling' and 'Radical' for Evening Broadcast

As the system now stands, individuals have little control over organ donations and transplants.

NY Times: Charity is Bad - It's Better to Give Your Money to Gov't

Article criticizes private philanthropy, asserting that it messes with the government's redistribution of wealth.

Universal Health Care: CBS Reporter Says Mass. Is a 'Great Start'

Correspondent blogs 'what's great about the plan' Mitt Romney installed - even though Romney himself is distancing his campaign from it.

Enough Gushing over Moore to Make You 'Sicko'

Media use Michael Moore's new film to fuel campaign for socialized health care in America.

ABC Begins Weeklong 'Prescription' for Government Health Care

But USA Today noted public opposition when people learned of high costs.

They Saved Private Jessica Lynch, But They Ruined All The Doorknobs?

Jennings Finds Another U.S. Military Action To Complain About
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