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WaPo Buries Subpoena Scandal in Puff Piece on Houston Mayor

Mayor’s subpoena scandal buried 24 paragraphs in: false claim of bigotry never mentioned.
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One Week Later: Networks Still Ignore Houston Sermon Subpoena Scandal

ABC, CBS, NBC still disinterested in mayor’s attempt to infringe pastors’ rights.
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Bozell: Network Censorship of Houston Mayor’s Subpoenas Part of Left’s ‘Relentless Assault on Free Speech’

Over the past two days, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have completely censored liberal Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s attempt to subpoena sermons of five pastors critical of the mayor, ...
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Houston Attacks Religious Freedom Of Pastors; Networks Unconcerned

ABC, CBS and NBC uncover male strippers movie and ‘Hunks and Hounds’ calendar, but not mayor’s anti-Christian jihad.

Times Loses Its Distaste for Religion As Houston Churches Push Amnesty for Illegals

Reporter James McKinley Jr. didn't find any pro-amnesty liberals, but managed to identify opponents of immigration reform as conservative and right-wing: "Many clergy members say they face an ...

Post Writes in Solidarity with Striking Janitors

Story backs 1.8-million-member union against 'oil-rich city's business leaders.'
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