Media Use Crazy Weather to Hype Global Warming, Despite Admissions Weather Isn't Climate

From Associated Press to national newspapers, coverage of floods, fires, droughts, sinkholes make 'case' for global warming alarmism.

The Golden Witch Hunt: Left-Wing, Mainstream Media Target Gold Advertisers

Precious metal sponsors of conservative-leaning TV and radio programming are facing increased scrutiny from media and liberal politicians.

HuffPo's New Travel Section Another Spot for Liberal Agenda

Left-wing blog uses new travel page to defend Obama from vacation criticism.

HuffPo Celebrates Gay Teen Novels Promoting Gay Agenda

Bloggers praise 'great' books offering gay role models for kids.

HuffPo Blogger: 'Eradicate' Fundamental Christianity

Schaeffer says the Bible is 'nuts,' no one follows it.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall: Carly Fiorina 'Like Lindsay Lohan Movie, Mean Girls'

During the 11AM ET hour on MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer discussed open mic comments made by senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina with Huffington Post writer Ryan Grim and remarked that the ...

HuffPo's Grim: Real 'Crime' of White House Was 'Holding Back A Progressive Agenda'

On Thursday's 11AM EST hour on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall asked Ryan Grim of the left-wing Huffington Post about recent scandals involving the Obama White House tampering with Democratic primaries: ...

Left-wing Blogger Argues Rampant Promiscuity Among College Students, Dismisses Role of God in Abstinence

Article on Huffington Post Religion blog argues college students lack the ability to love, but have plenty of sex.

MSNBC Continues Its Assault on Rand Paul's Policies; Connects Civil War, Terrorism of the Klan

MSNBC continued its attack on senatorial candidate Rand Paul on Friday. News Live host Lynn Berry brought on the Huffington Post's Ryan Grim to smear the Republican's libertarian leanings as ...

Conservative Journalism 'Troubles' Journalists, According to AP

News service worries about right's potential biases, ignores left-wing tilt of traditional media and huge liberal Web operations.
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