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Networks Promote Fears of ‘DNA Tinkering,’ But Ignore GMO Benefits in 78 Percent of Stories

ABC, CBS and NBC downplay GMO positives, frequently focus on controversy and critics.
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NYT's Cooper Effusive Over Left-Wing Mayors' Group That Supports Obama's Gun Control

The Times' Michael Cooper reported from the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, capturing the effusive reaction to President Obama's gun-control proposals. Cooper came off less a hard-bitten ...

Fox Host Hannity Abets 'Inflammatory Rhetoric'; Fiery Leftist PBS Host Avoids Criticism

Times media reporter Brian Stelter marked the 15th anniversary of Fox News by accusing host Sean Hannity of "instigating" "inflammatory rhetoric," yet was silent on harsh things actually said by ...

Times Hypes Big Food When It Pushes Liberal 'Crisis' of 'Hunger' in America

The Times looks askance when big food conglomerates fight government regulations on fatty foods - but a fight to feed "hungry" children in America (over 17 million of them?) fosters no ...

CNN Wants 'Fix' from the 'Broken Government' for Hungry Children

Segment criticizes accumulation of wealth, promotes health care 'reform' and government food programs.

More 'Hunger in America' Exaggerations Relayed By Jason DeParle

Reporter Jason DeParle plumps another exaggerated "hunger in America story" in Wednesday's paper. But he's been dead wrong about such issues before.

'Hunger' in America Makes a Times Headlines, Anyway

An Agriculture Department study showing a rise in "food insecurity" becomes a "soaring" increase in U.S. "hunger" in the hands of excitable Times headline writers.

More Malnourished Hunger Reporting

Reporter Julie Bosman finds the "Newly Poor Swell Lines at Nation's Food Banks." First up? A family of three earning $55,000 a year. And there's more statistical shoddiness.

The Times Is Starving for Labeling Bias: Left-Wing FRAC Just "Advocate for the Poor"

The Times wonders why Mayor Bloomberg isn't taking up Obama's offer to extend food stamp benefits to more New Yorkers.

Fat America Throws Out Enough Food to Feed Poor Countries?

A loaded headline and illustration assumes the worst about the U.S. - but a story on wasted food in America eventually shows that some countries throw out just as much.
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