America Tragedy: U.S. "Holding Another Nation of Immigrants in Bondage"

What? "A nation of immigrants is holding another nation of immigrants in bondage, exploiting its labor while ignoring its suffering, condemning its lawlessness while sealing off a path to living ...

Pushing Immigration "Reform" With More Odd Concern for Agri-Business

Immigration concerns lead to dead trees: "Scores of Jim Bittner's cherry trees are now just heaps of roots and sticks, piled in his fields here along Route 18. Some of the branches lying on the ...

Coverage of May Day Immigration Rally Less Slanted, But Times Still Found "Fear"

Coverage of illegal immigration rallies, more balanced but still slanted: "...a cloud of fear has settled over immigrants who were worried that the rallies would lead to more sweeps."

U.S. Still Making Life Miserable for Illegals, Says Unidentified Hillary Pollster

One question from a pollster highlighted by the Times: "The anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States is making it more difficult to send money to my family." How, exactly?

Sudden Respect for the Pope's Political Views - on Illegal Immigration

While papal opposition to abortion is dismissed as "doctrinal hardness," the Church's support of illegal immigration is treated as profound.

To Protect Illegal Immigration, NYT Goes to Bat Again for Agri-Business

Did the "new politics of immigration" really put a farmer "out of business"?

NYT Reporter Hits "Hard-Hearted" "Xenophobes" Against Illegal Immigration

Former Northwest correspondent Timothy Egan: "Begin with the rallying cry of those on the hard-hearted side of this issue: Build the wall. Deport them all. No amnesty."

Times Editor: "Who Are We to Withhold" Our McCain Hit Piece "From the Public?"

Times editor Richard Berke on the infamous McCain-lobbyist story: "How can we withhold from our readers the fact that there were these incidents of McCain's aides, worried to death about his ...

Not Melodramatic at All

A lead editorial makes an oblique comparison between the "Iron Curtain" of Soviet Communism and a hypothetical fence to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

Linking Today's Illegal Immigration Opponents to Violent Racists of a Century Ago

From a picture caption: "Anti-Catholic - Burning of St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia, 1844. As immigration soared, so did nativist reaction."
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