NY Times Publicizes a Four-Person March in Support of Illegal Immigrants

A "march" from Miami to Washington on behalf of illegal immigrants consisting of four marchers somehow merited a 780-word New York Times article Saturday by reliably pro-amnesty reporter Julia ...

Times Publicizes a Four-Person March in Support of Illegal Immigrants

A four-person Miami-to-Washington march in support of illegal immigrants gets nearly the same level of coverage as the 100,000-strong rally of conservatives at the Capitol did in September.

The Times Says Goodbye to Lou Dobbs, Attacks 'Greedy Corporate Interests'

In a surprise, the Times devotes a full editorial to the departure of outspoken CNN anchor Lou Dobbs: "He calls himself Mr. Independent, but he is far closer in style and method to the right-wing ...

The Times Embraces Another Liberal Rally on the Hill: Illegal Immigration

Unlike the paper's sour coverage of the September 12 anti-spending rally, Ian Urbina's profile of Tuesday's rally for amnesty was stocked with nothing but positive vibes.

Times' Latest Heavily Pro-Democratic Poll Still Finds Resistance to Obama-Care

In the paper's latest poll that oversamples Democrats, Adam Nagourney does some spinning for Obama's agenda and oversimplifies opposition to "death panels" and access by illegals to government ...

Massive Conservative D.C. Protest Buried and Dismissed, But Smaller Liberal Rallies Hailed

A conservative protest at the Capitol numbering in the tens of thousands was worth an unfavorable story on page 37. A much smaller Obama rally got better placement, and so had a previous ACORN-led ...

Hulse Accuses Rep. Wilson of "Disrespect" for President, Ignores Own 2005 Reporting on Dems Heckling Bush

Carl Hulse ignores his own reporting to claim Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst was "a rare breach of the protocol" of presidential addresses to Congress. Yet a Hulse story from Bush's 2005 State of the ...

Lauding Kennedy's Liberal Legislative Achievements In Health & Education

Did the failure of Sen. Ted Kennedy's liberal immigration "reform" really lead to "an increase in hate crimes, activity by anti-immigrant groups and ranting on cable television and the Internet"? ...

Shades of Bias: Bringing Illegals "Out of the Shadows"

Yet another sympathetic portrayal ofillegal immigrants as cowering 'in the shadows' - a phrase the Times has used several times in supposedly objective news stories.

Times Conjures Up Public Support for Amnesty-Style "Immigration Reform"

Do the American people really "overwhelmingly" supporting comprehensive immigration reform - otherwise known as amnesty for illegals? Um, not really, no matter what a rabid Times editorial says.
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