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Socialists: ‘Down with Capitalism!’ (Except for the Internet)

International May Day 2015 online rally relies on tools the free market helped create.
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Politico Smears Conservative Group Opposed to New FCC Regulations

American Commitment says its 1.6 million comments were legitimate and can prove a vendor was responsible for technical error.
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Bringing 1934 Back

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FCC Passes Regulations Enabling Government to ‘Micromanage’ Internet

Deep pockets of left-wing foundations helped finance activism on ‘net neutrality.’
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Soros, Ford Foundations ‘Lavish’ $196 Million to Push Internet Regulations

 ‘Net neutrality’ activists at White House also linked to lefty Ford Foundation, Soros’ Open Society.
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FCC Chairman Recommends ‘Strongest’ Internet Regulations ‘Ever Proposed’

Official claims it would ‘ensure net neutrality,’ while opponents decry ‘power grab.’ 
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Book Review: Strategies for Surviving Scandal in the Internet Age

In his book “Glass Jaw,” Eric Dezenhall discusses how to react to the growing power of the internet and instant scandals.
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Networks Yawn as Obama Administration Gives Away the Internet

The United States government announced on Friday that it would give up control of the Internet to a global organization. Fox News extensively covered this development, but the network morning and ...

Times Reporter Discusses Squelching of WikiLeaks, Leaves Out Her PR Work for Group

Contributing writer Jennifer 8. Lee discusses the persecution of the anti-American anti-secrecy group Wikileaks, but doesn't mention she did publicity work for them last year: "The control that ...
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