The Times (Now) Sees Possible Victory in Iraq

After denying the possibility of winning in Iraq during the Bush years, the Times is suddenly having second thoughts: "This is what victory in the war in Iraq was supposed to look like...."

Anti-War Opinionizing Not "Exterminated" in TV Reviews

Neil Genzlinger finds an anti-war message in a reality show about pest control.

Times Spins Bad Economic News Out of Good Military News

Desperate young men "lured" by the military? Lizette Alvarez: "As the number of jobs across the nation dwindles, more Americans are joining the military, lured by a steady paycheck, benefits and ...

David Sanger: "Distraction" of Iraq War Came at Grievous Cost

Reporter David Sanger has encapsulated his opposition to Bush's foreign policy in book form: "The argument of the book is that Iraq not only cost 4,000 American lives, $800 billion and untold ...

Thomas Friedman's Sudden Obama-Based Optimism on Iraq

What gall: The Times' columnist sees Obama and the Democrats benefiting from an improving situation in Iraq - but fails to mention their staunch opposition to the troop surge that made the ...

How Dare McCain Talk About Winning In Iraq!

A lead editorial bizarrely chastises McCain for wanting America to win in Iraq.

Treasury Secy. Paulson's Request for Power: Like Bush on Iraq?

Do mention the war: "Some are suspicious of Mr. Paulson's characterizations, finding in his warnings and demands for extraordinary powers a parallel with the way the Bush administration gained ...

A Candidate's Lonely Iraq Crusade Finally Vindicated...Obama's?

Bizarre: "Senator John McCain's rival, Senator Barack Obama, once was a lonely voice demanding the withdrawal of all combat forces by mid-2010. But now, Iraq's leaders are pushing a timetable that ...

Pushing Another Left-Wing Anti-War Dud

Anti-Bush author Ron Suskind's anecdote about a "forged letter," allegedly used by Bush to establish a Saddam-9/11 link, is very likely a phony story in itself.

Refreshing: "Iraq a Remarkably Safer Place" Now Than Before Surge

This is the New York Times, right?
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