What About Iraq? NYT Pollsters Skip Long-Standing Question

After five years of asking respondents how they think things are going in Iraq, Times' pollsters suddenly switch to Afghanistan, where prospects are worse. Is it because an improving Iraq is ...

McGovern Criticizes News 'Saturation' of Democratic Primary

Former presidential candidate says increasing media competition bad for politics; calls Iraq war 'as popular as AIDS.'

NYT Can't Wait: "Deadly U.S. Milestone" of 500 Deaths in Afghanistan

The Times applies the same "grim milestone" template to the 500 deaths in Afghanistan that it does to every 1,000 deaths in Iraq.

Times Pats Itself on Back for Publishing Photos of War Dead

But when it came to standing with other media outlets and publishing controversial images of the Prophet Mohammad, the paper's courage vanished.

Reporter Hammers Bush's "Rigid," "With-Us-Or-Against-Us Presidency"

Patrick Healy cites words of wisdom from John Kerry to explain why voters have turned to senators: "Maybe what John Kerry...called the 'stubbornness' and 'rigidity' of the Bush administration has ...

NYT: More Photos of Dead Soldiers, Please

The media actually cites the restrictions on photos of dead soldiers as an excuse for the decline in its Iraq coverage. But is this just an anti-war position packaged as a press freedom issue?

Iraq Vets: Alcoholic Criminals?

Lizette Alvarez seizes on "anecdotal evidence" to find alcohol abuse rising among combat vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan - the latest entry in the Times' notorious "War Torn" series of ...

Iraq Oil Riches to "Reward the Cronies and Allies" of the U.S.?

The Times' lead economics reporter takes a paranoid, Michael Moore-style perspective on news that Iraq will award oil contracts to Western companies.

Times Plays "Big Gains for Iraq Security..." on Front Page

But of course, "...Questions Linger."

John McCain's Pro-War Stance on Iraq? Blame Nixon

A puzzling little piece goes after former POW John McCain for having the bad taste to praise Richard Nixon for improving the condition of POWs in North Vietnamese prison camps.
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