Great Minds Think Alike...So Do New York Times Columnists

Times columnists can't get enough of The Onion's humor: "Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job." Not as hard as coming up with new column ideas, apparently.

Puzzlement Over NYT Opinion Editor's 'Petty Fib' on Times' Endorsement of McCain

The Times' Andrew Rosenthal told James Taranto his paper had not endorsed John McCain in the Republican primary in 2008: "We said he was best of BAD choices. No endorsement." So why did other ...

'An Especially Amateurish Example of Media Bias' from CNN

"The Republican Party is split right down the middle between Tea Party movement supporters and those who do not support the two-and-a-half-year-old movement, according to a new national survey," a ...

Taranto Tackles Times' Hate-Speech Hypocrisy

James Taranto tackles the Times endorsement of a left-wing group and it's blatant hate-speech hypocrisy: "By the Times's standards, surely it is legitimate to hold Common Cause, and particularly ...

NYT Ignores Leftist Piven's Violent Rhetoric, Blames Beck's Criticism

Media reporter Brian Stelter "inverts the story" to make Glenn Beck a villain and a leftist advocate of violence a hero, claims the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. "In the paper's telling, ...

Conservative Heavy-Hitters O'Rourke, Taranto Morally Excoriate Times' Tucson Coverage

P.J. O'Rourke on the Times' coverage of Tucson: "In the matter of self-serving, bitter, calculated cynicism, there wouldn't seem to be much left to prove against the Times. Judging by what I've ...

The Shifting Sands of Krugman's Column

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal finds inconsistencies in his arguments on Angela Merkel's Germany and the solvency of Social Security.

Newspaper Editor Finds Unusual Conservative Who's 'Thoughtful, Measured'

Butte's Montana Standard announced it would carry Byron York's column and introduced York by explaining how he's not a typical conservative: "York, a staunch conservative, presents his arguments ...

"Ethics" Meltdown at the Times

Times "ethics" columnist Randy Cohen explains what rules should be obeyed while ignoring those that conflict with his libearl worldview.
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