Notable Quotables - 02/09/2009

Notable Quotables - 01/26/2009

Apostles of Atheism

How the broadcast and print media helped spread the Gospel of Godlessness in 2007

"Critics" (NYT Reporters) Say Bush Has "Squandered the Country's Moral Authority"

Plus: GOP "Spreading Hatred on Immigration" and the Return of "The Age of Greed"

"Remarkable" Left-Wing Website Showed Bush Lied Us Into War

Also: '80s Nostalgia Just a Bad Rerun of "Excess, Jingoism" of Reagan Era

Obama-Mania Reigns

Plus: Historic Hillary's Brave Fight Against Sexism & At Least Communists Meant Well

The Oops and Downs of Economic Predictions

The public has to be confused as the media over-predict downturns and gas price spikes but lack accuracy.

Another Discerning Comparison

Plus: Celebrating Al Sharpton's Style Sense and "Poignant Commentary" from Sen. James Webb

Being Pro-Life Is an "Extreme Position"?

Plus: "Installed" Bush has no mandate.

Notable Quotables - 01/30/2006

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