America 'Less Equal...Less Mobile,' Says Reform-Hostile Welfare Writer on Front Page

Jason DeParle: "...the evidence suggests that America is not only less equal, but also less mobile....The United States maintains a thinner safety net than other rich countries, leaving more ...

On Front Page, Times Admits Poverty Problem Overstated for Years

But reporter Jason DeParle once condemned Bill Clinton for signing a welfare reform bill that "begrudges poor infants their Pampers."

Anti-Welfare Reform Reporter Jason DeParle's 2nd Victory Lap: Food Stamp 'Stigma' Still Fading!

In 1996, reporter Jason DeParle accused Clinton of signing a welfare reform bill that "begrudges poor infants their Pampers" and predicted an epidemic of child abuse, abortion, prostitution and ...

More 'Hunger in America' Exaggerations Relayed By Jason DeParle

Reporter Jason DeParle plumps another exaggerated "hunger in America story" in Wednesday's paper. But he's been dead wrong about such issues before.

Fierce Critic of Welfare Reform Makes Another Front-Page Plug for Food Stamps

But some of his victims aren't quite sympathetic: "[Wanda Debnam] sleeps with her 8-year-old granddaughter under a poster of the Jonas Brothers and uses her food stamps to avoid her ...

Times Pleased 'Stigma' of Food Stamps Fading

"Food Stamp Use Soars Across U.S., and Stigma Fades," cheers a Times headline over Sunday's big lead story, cowritten by fierce welfare reform opponent (and Times reporter) Jason DeParle, who ...

'Hunger' in America Makes a Comeback...in Times Headlines, Anyway

An Agriculture Department study showing a rise in "food insecurity" becomes a "soaring" increase in U.S. "hunger" in the hands of excitable Times headline writers.

After Being Dead Wrong the First Time, DeParle Hits Welfare Reform Again

Veteran reporter Jason DeParle criticizes welfare reform on Monday's front page, but has opposed it from the start: In 1996 he accused Bill Clinton of "seeking re-election with a bill that ...

GOP in Trouble Again Over "Barack the Magic Negro"

Reporter Jason DeParle calls race-baiting Al Sharpton a "civil rights advocate" in a slanted story about a new controversy over Rush Limbaugh's "Barack the Magic Negro" song parody.

The New Man on the Conservative Beat

And a Times copy editor adds an unfair twist to a straightforward sentence.
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