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Lapdog ABC: Trip to Cuba By Obama Donors Beyonce and Jay-Z Is 'Much Ado About Nothing'

Lapdog journalist Josh Elliott on Tuesday offered no skepticism about a controversial trip Beyonce and Jay-Z took to Cuba. The Good Morning America news reader insisted that there was nothing ...
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Occupy Wall Street Supporters Among Forbes 25 Top Earning Musicians of 2012

Four of top 25 musicians outspoken supporters of 99% are big parts of the 1%.
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Obama Welcomes Jay-Z Support, Violent, Misogynistic Lyrics and All

Whatever else his electoral troubles, president Obama seems to have the all-important hip-hop star demographic sewn up. Rapper Jay-Z recently released an ad which detailed his love for ...

NBC Cheers College Course on Rapper Jay-Z By Left-Wing Professor Michael Eric Dyson

On Friday's NBC Today, MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin gushed over a new class at Georgetown University taught by liberal professor Michael Eric Dyson: "Race, class, gender, culture, all things that ...

Obama and the Hip-Hop Problem

So Barack Obama is feeling like a pimp?
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