On Leno, Chris Matthews Tears Down GOP 2012 Candidates as Incompetent and 'Strange'

Appearing on Thursday's Tonight Show, MSNBC's Chris Matthews went after the Republican presidential candidates one by one, asserting Herman Cain's "bad, bad behavior" with women, Rick Perry being ...

Network Morning Shows Tout 'Comedian in Chief' Obama Mocking GOP on Leno

All three network morning shows on Wednesday cheered President Obama's Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. At the top of ABC's Good Morning America, co-host Robin Roberts ...

On Leno, Matthews Blames Cheney for Gulf Oil Spill, Slams 'Jerk' Limbaugh

On NBC's Tonight Show on Thursday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared as a guest and repeated his recent implication of former Vice President Dick Cheney in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, asserting ...

Joy Behar to Glenn Beck: 'I Don't Give a [Expletive] About You'

HLN and 'View' host says she doesn't hate Fox News host, but doesn't think highly of him otherwise during Leno appearance.

On Leno's Show, Limbaugh Runs Car Over Al Gore - Then Backs Up and Does It Again

Taking the "Green Car Challenge" on Thursday night's Jay Leno Show, a svelte Rush Limbaugh hopped into the electric Ford Focus on Leno's track, but instead of driving around the hanging cut outs ...

Leno Zings Matthews: He's Amongst 'Drooling Blondes Rubbing Up Against' Obama

Jay Leno delivered a monologue joke, with MSNBC's Chris Matthews as the punch line, on Wednesday night's prime time Jay Leno Show on NBC: "Michelle Obama was very upset by all these drooling ...

Barack Obama: He's Even a Good Apologizer

Obama's quick apology for his "Special Olympics" crack impresses the Times. Would Bush have gotten the same understanding treatment?

Late Night Comics' Jabs Heavily Favored Obama

Study finds that Leno and Letterman monologues made GOP ticket butt of jokes 7-1 over Democratic ticket.

Leno's Success Prompts Union Writing Controversy

NY Times reports witness heard union rep give Leno permission to proceed with writing 'Tonight Show' monologue.
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