Kantor 'Labored and Labored' to Make Her Jeremiah Wright Reporting Fair to Obama

Jodi Kantor, talking on Facebook about her new biography of the Obamas, reacts to a question on how Fox News and the Drudge Report were using her book "as a racial attack against the Obamas": ...

Keller Admits 'Late to Rev. Wright' in 2008, But Claims Paper Handled Story Well

Executive Editor Bill Keller thinks the Times eventually did a good job covering Obama's Rev. Wright problem: "Yes, Dems should be asked about their faith (and influences) too. We were late to ...

Newsweek Slams 'Hate' from 'Antigovernment Extremists,' Links to Beck and Palin

Newsweek's cover touted a story on "Hate on the Right." In fact the word "HATE" takes up half a page, white letters on a black background, with the subhead "Antigovernment extremists are on the ...

Praise Keeps Rolling In for Obama's Health Care Address

Two Times reporters compare Obama's address to Congress with his speech about his pastor Jeremiah Wright, which the Times praised as the second coming of Lincoln.

Obama "Supporters" (and Times Reporters) Compare Obama to Lincoln & FDR

Reporter Peter Baker: "President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. ...

Wolffe: President Missed Reverand's Rantings Because 'He Wasn't Much of a Churchgoer'

Obama biographer and former Newsweek columnist claims politician used church attendance for votes and was 'lucky' Wright details didn't surface before Iowa.

A Post Christian Vision for Obama

The Washington Post's religion maven advises the Obamas on the perfect church to attend.

One Last Biased Glance Backward Before Election Day

Frank Bruni: "In Philadelphia in March, Mr. Obama delivered a set-piece speech that sought to do nothing less than explain centuries of racial enmity and move Americans past it...In recent weeks, ...

Washington Post Addresses Obama's Faith -- with NO Wright

How can responsible journalists explain the candidate's beliefs and ignore his lengthy relationship with a politically and theologically radical preacher?

Is Obama Off the Hook?

The man is out of Jeremiah Wright's radical church. Is the church out of the man? Inquiring media minds don't want to know.
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