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ABC Reports GOP Congressman's Indictment, But Initially Ignored Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Charges Last Year

Both the ABC World News and the NBC Nightly News reported GOP Congressman Michael Grimm's federal charges of tax evasion on Monday evening, but when former Democratic Congressman Jesse ...
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98 Percent of Networks Jobs Stories Ignore High Black Unemployment

Despite bipartisan outrage, NBC gives just 10 seconds to jobs crisis while ABC, CBS remain silent.
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MSNBC's Hayes Goes Soft on Jesse Jackson's 'Known Murderer' Label of Zimmerman

On Tuesday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes gave the Reverend Jesse Jackson a softball interview in which the civil rights activist accused George Zimmerman of being "a known murderer" and ...
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On The Ed Show: Jesse Jackson Compares Scott Walker to Racist Governor George Wallace

On the eve of the Wisconsin recall election Ed Schultz invited on the Reverend Jesse Jackson to compare Republican Governor Scott Walker to the segregationist George Wallace and call him “a ...
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