Jesse Jackson and HuffPo's Next Crusade: a Student Loan Bailout

The Reverend has found a new grievance group: students in debt.

MSNBC: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, What's the Difference?

Showing that Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have become interchangeable, in the 2:00PM ET hour on MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer mistakenly introduced Jackson as Sharpton: "Joining me now ...

Michael Vick's Dogfights: No Worse Than Hunting?

Sports columnist William Rhoden brings in Jesse Jackson to argue the case that former NFL QB Michael Vick should return to the game this year, and wondered whether what Vick did with dogs was any ...

Phil Gramm Attacks Media-Peddled Economic Misery, NYT Lashes Back

John Broder: "Mr. Gramm, in an interview with the Washington Times, seemed to minimize the financial pain being felt by millions of American families."

Networks Ignore Sparsely Attended Anti-Gun Rallies

Journalists refuse to embarrass activists attacking your ability to responsibly defend your loved ones.
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