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CBS Leads Evening News With Catholics -- The Accused Abusers, Not the Obama Litigants

The CBS Evening News led with the Catholic Church on Wednesday night. It wasn’t about the 43 Catholic groups suing the Obama administration. It was yet another story on sexual abuse by ...

Times Denies Broad Anti-Semitism at OWS; Quick to Uncover Racism During Tea Party Rallies

Joseph Berger spins away accusations of anti-Semitism against OWS: "The Occupy Wall Street protests...have increasingly been criticized by a variety of groups, most of them politically ...

MSNBC Blames Conservative Israelis for No Peace, Frets Over 'Dangerous' Christian Right

On Wednesday's Last Word on MSNBC, substitute host Chris Hayes blamed conservative Israelis like Prime Minister Netanyahu for the absence of peace with the Palestinians.

This Time Weigel Compares Right to Czars Who Butchered Jews

One-time 'conservative beat' blogger for the Washington Post is still sliming the right.

Patricia Cohen Stays on the Intolerant Intellectual Conservative Beat

Patricia Cohen says the conservative journal Commentary "has an us-versus-them view of the world and has been unforgiving of family members who publicly air disagreements. Mr. Balint, however, ...

Roger Cohen Says Calling Hamas, Hezbollah Terrorist Is "Simplistic"

The Times' international columnist also makes fun of the name of a conservative blog that criticized a naive Cohen column about how good life is for Jews in Iran.

Great Coverage for Comedian's "Great Schlep"

Taboo-breaking comedienne Sarah Silverman (pictured) stars in a pro-Obama get-out-the-vote effort targeted at elderly Florida Jews whuich has been featured in the Times twice within a week.

Florida Jews' Opposition to Obama a Result of Ignorance, Racism

A Times reporter names individuals who she accuses of making false statements about Obama's heritage and lack of support for Israel.

CNN's Upcoming Miniseries Equates Christian Activists with Taliban?

Politicking for family values just isn't the same as sending homicide bombers into crowded marketplaces.

So Much for That Sophisticated Times Readership

When it comes to liberal hostility and paranoia, blog commenters at the Times give the Daily Kos kids a run for their money
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