CNN to Rick Perry: Are You 'Overconfident' for Campaigning In Virginia?

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Rick Perry Wednesday if he was "a tad overconfident" for stumping in a battleground state like Virginia so early in the campaign season.

CNN's Acosta Derides Conservative Debt Ceiling Pledge as 'Body-Slam and Pile-Driver' Extreme

Apparently, a pledge to reduce the deficit and cap spending long-term and vote for a strict balanced budget amendment is an extreme measure. CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, reporting on the ...

CNN Deflects Scrutiny Away from Rapper's Violent Lyrics, Dismisses Controversy Over White House Invite

On Thursday morning, CNN largely dismissed the controversy over the White House invite of rapper Common, using talking points from the White House and Comedy Central's Daily Show to marginalize ...

AP Humanizes Times Square Terror Suspect, Cites 'Unraveled' Life

John Christoffersen's article for the Associated Press on Tuesday night highlighted the life woes of Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the failed Times Square bombing plot, citing how "his life ...

CNN's Acosta: Tea Partiers are 'Recession-Raging Conservatives'

CNN's Jim Acosta continued his network's bias against tea party protesters on Wednesday's American Morning by depicting them as "recession raging," and questioned one participant over her ...

CNN Spotlights Criticism of ObamaCare -- From the Left

Jim Acosta interviews Obama's former doctor who says health care plan 'doesn't go far enough,' ignores other voices.

CNN Bashes Conservative Ads With 'Industry Insider,' Omits His Far Left Affiliation

CNN glowingly featured an entire segment on Thursday's American Morning about Wendell Potter, a former chief corporate spokesman for the health insurance company Cigna, and he attempted to ...

CNN's Acosta: Just Say Yes to Travel and Trade with Communist Cuba

Correspondent Jim Acosta, "carrying the CNN flag" on the island of Cuba, filed several reports for the American Morning program during the first week of May which slanted favorably towards an end ...

Journalists 'Parsing' Economic Words? Not This 'Crisis'

A few in the media act responsibly to set a steady tone, but too many choose Great Depression theme.

CNN Joins the Choir Touting Obama Outreach to Evangelicals

No mention on American Morning that the religious leaders flocking to Obama are far from the evangelical mainstream.
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