Celebrating the Obamas' Marriage

In a Sunday Magazine cover story, Jodi Kantor celebrates the Obamas' marriage and again downplays Michelle Obama's controversial campaign remarks about being proud of her country "for the first time."

Kantor Lauds Sotomayor: She Speaks to Cafeteria Workers, in Spanish!

Jodi Kantor: "What was so powerful in Adam Nagourney's story was the visual of having this bank of white male senators grill in a possibly antagonistic way the first Latina woman nominated to ...

More Myth-Making of the "Pragmatist" Obama

Times reporters like Jodi Kantor continue to push the soothing idea that President Obama won't appoint liberals to the Supreme Court, just "pragmatists" like him.

From the Campaign to the Transition: Decanting More Jodi Kantor Bias

Calling her "an expert in urban affairs, particularly housing and transportation," Kantor praises Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett while glossing over questions about her management of Chicago ...

Time Journalist Calls Out NYT's "Extreme Pro-Obama Coverage"

Time Magazine journalist Mark Halperin ripped contrasting NYT profiles of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama (both written by Jodi Kantor, pictured) as his prime examples of slanted campaign coverage.

Public Editor Calls Out Jodi Kantor for Teens-on-Facebook Flap

Three Times editors say Kantor made the wrong call when she emailed teenage students looking for "advice about a story" on Cindy McCain.

McCain Attacks on "Obama's Patriotism" Making "Old Advisers Wince"

David Kirkpatrick on McCain: "His campaign has pelted his rival with attacks that make some of his old advisers wince, like questioning Mr. Obama's patriotism or tying him to 'a domestic terrorist.'"

NYT Trolls Teens on Facebook for Hit Piece on Cindy McCain

Reporter Jodi Kantor aimed for a hit piece on Cindy McCain, but fawned over Michelle Obama.

NYT Questions Palin's "Parenting"; Bumiller Flubs Palin's AIP "Membership"

Reporter Kate Zernike (pictured) in a podcast wonders why Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation given that she had a pregnant teen-age daughter, and Elisabeth Bumiller's front-page story ...

"Barack Hussein Obama" Now OK With the NYT

After several stories criticizing conservatives for using Barack Obama's middle name, the Times leads with it.
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