Time Disparages Tea Party as Impotent; Smears Palin's 'Anti-Intellectual Drivel' as 'Anti-American'

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement "both have far less support in the country at large than a gullible Old Media seems to understand or suggest," Time's Mark Halperin asserted while colleague ...

NBC's Mitchell: Iraq and Afghan Wars Have 'Hurt' Us in Terrorism Fight

NBC's Andrea Mitchell, on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show over the weekend, claimed that the United States' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not helped in the fight against terrorism, going as ...

Fox Newswatch Highlights Couric and Klein in MRC's Awards for Worst Reporting

Saturday's Fox Newswatch on FNC highlighted two "winners" in the MRC's "Best Notable Quotables of 2009: The 22nd Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting." Viewers were treated to Katie Couric ...

Left-Wingers in Tizzy Over Palin Anti-Copenhagen WaPo Op-Ed

Daily Beast: 'Obama wrestling with the nitty gritty problems,' Palin 'grandstanding.' Time: Palin 'joining the right-wing hysteria chorus.'

Networks Ignore Democrat Defeat of Immigrant ID and Their Push for Coverage of Illegals

News media covered dust-up over Joe Wilson, but not recent developments that support his claim.

Chris Matthews Show: 'Boss Rush Limbaugh' Stoking Racist Anti-Obama 'Venom'

NBC's Norah O'Donnell, guest hosting for Chris Matthews over the weekend, repeatedly questioned her Chris Matthews Show panelists why there was "So much hate," and "venom," directed at Barack ...
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