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CNBC's Harwood Tweets: 'Govt-on-citizen crime' of NJ Traffic Jam 'Durably Damaging' to Christie

On Friday, CNBC correspondent John Harwood tweeted that Chris Christie’s traffic scandal was “durably damaging” because it was a “direct govt-on-citizen crime - not indirect like graft, not ...
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The Top 8 Nastiest Liberal Media Quotes Blaming the GOP for the Shutdown

The liberal media have taken sides in the government shutdown debate and not surprisingly holds only one party to blame - the GOP.  In the last week liberal anchors, reporters and writers ...
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CNBC Outs Obama's Strategy of ‘Scaring the Market’

Treasury claims possible debt standoff would be ‘worse’ than 2008; CNBC says fear is White House ‘aim.’
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CNBC's Harwood Wonders if Obama Will Use Shutdown to 'Break the Fever' in GOP

In an exclusive interview with President Obama on Wednesday, CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood lobbed this softball on the political fallout of the government shutdown: "Before ...
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As Even Dems Fret, NYT Finds GOP 'Misinformation' to Blame for Public Unease With Obama-Care

The New York Times has long excused the continuing unpopularity of Obamacare by arguing that people just don't understand it or that it's been unfairly caricatured by political opponents. Even ...

Obama's Tax-Hiking 'Mandate,' Plus Stubborn House GOP 'Out of Step With Most Americans' on Issue

A front-page story declares Obama has a "mandate" to raise taxes, while John Harwood ponders why stubborn House Republicans can't be more responsible and agree to raise taxes on the so-called ...
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CNBC's Harwood: Benghazi Scandal Being 'Prolonged' Because of Campaign 'Bitterness'

Appearing on Saturday's NBC Today, CNBC chief Washington correspondent John Harwood completely dismissed the scandal surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack as merely leftover campaign politics: ...
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Pre-Debate, New York Times Defends Obama from 'Bad Hand' Dealt by Bush

Defending Obama in a pre-debate pre-fact-check:"Nonpartisan analysts agree that Mr. Obama inherited a bad hand: the 2009 deficit was a projected $1.2 trillion when he took office because of ...
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NYT's Harwood Leans on Discredited Exit Poll to Paint Brighter Picture for Obama in Wisconsin

Times reporter John Harwood sees a bright spot for Obama in Wisconsin even in the aftermath of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's big win: "But among those voting, exit polls showed, Mr. Obama was ...
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