Greed Isn't Good, But It Isn't That Bad, Either

Media refrain used to demonize business, promote standard liberal talking points.

John McCain, Tax-Slashing Cynic

Michael Cooper paints an unflattering picture of both McCain and Bush's "deficit-swelling tax cuts."

Bill Ayers, Charles Keating: Same Thing?

Michael Cooper sniffs at McCain's attack on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and brings up...Charles Keating?: "Mr. McCain is not without his own questionable associations."

Frank Rich Accuses GOP of Spreading "Weimar-like Rage" at Rallies

The left-wing has reviled President Bush as Adolf Hitler and spread conspiracy theories claiming he's responsible for 9-11...but a few hotheads at a GOP campaign rally mark the dawn of a scary new ...

"Hostile," "Angry" Crowds Cheer on McCain-Palin

Does this imply that Obama nation has nothing but lovely feelings for John McCain and Sarah Palin?

"Conservative and All-White Crowds" Cheering Out-of-Touch McCain

Elisabeth Bumiller doesn't try to hide her disdain for out of touch McCain: "Senator John McCain devoted most of two campaign appearances on Wednesday to lusty attacks on Senator Barack Obama and ...

Larry Rohter's Most Completely Anti-McCain "Fact Check" Yet

Pro-Obama talking points disguised as objective fact-checking.

Character Counted in Second McCain-Obama Debate

While every question addressed policy issues, nearly a third also revealed the character of the candidates.

Public Editor Ludicrously Argues Obama Coverage Tougher

Clark Hoyt's narrow definition helpfully skips over clear double standards of coverage when it comes to scandals, gaffes, and race issues.

Nagourney Recites NYT Talking Points on Obama's "Sporadic Encounters" with Terrorist Ayers

Plus: Apparently only Times reporter Adam Nagourney is allowed to use Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein."
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