Supreme Labeling Imbalance: Still No Liberals to Be Found

Patrick Healy's piece on the future of the Supreme Court is actually a sharp improvement over a previous Times story that labeled "conservatives" on 18 occasions and liberals not once.

Double Standard: Obama Surge Newsworthy, McCain Comeback Ignored

Obama's lead rising from five points to nine? Big story. Obama's lead cut back from nine to four? No mention at all.

An Incomplete on Grading Anti-McCain Ads

Julie Bosman trumps up McCain's "Keating Five" involvement and fails to fully question the "rape kit" story.

Ad Wars: Obama vs. Republicans. Guess Who the Times Favors?

More double standards: An Obama ad does "a compelling job" of tying McCain to George Bush, while a Republican ad is confusing and its effectiveness questionable.

McCain Adviser: Treasury Doesn't Need Congress for Bailout

Holtz-Eakin claims law already allows for $700 billion bailout without congressional authority; CNBC's Burnett disputes claim.

Deep-Thinker Frank Rich Lauds "The View" & Letterman for Calling Out McCain's "Lies"

Sentences we finished only because we're being paid to: "Picking up where the 'The View' left off in speaking truth to power..."

Fact-Check Reporter Quietly Fact-Checks Himself on Bad Anti-McCain Claim

Larry Rohter on Saturday claimed McCain was "simply false" to say that Obama voted to raise taxes on people making just $42,000 a year. On Tuesday, he wrote: "The bottom line is that if passed ...

GOP Blamed for Failed Bailout Vote, Even Though 40% of Dems Opposed

Reporter Jackie Calmes: "...the House Republicans made the difference. Their mutiny captured just how much the Republican Party has changed from its 19th-century roots as the party of business and ...

On NYT's Front Page: "Cranky," Forgetful John McCain

Alessandra Stanley: "[McCain] repeated that he had not been elected Miss Congeniality of the Senate - some viewers might have wondered if he had forgotten that he had already used that metaphor."

Did McCain Call for Tougher Regulation of Fannie and Freddie? Yes, But...

Grudging acknowledgement that John McCain called for more regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: "Senator John McCain is correct: He warned two years ago that Congress should rein in Fannie Mae ...
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