Keller on "Petty" Palin; McCain Guilty of "Demonstrable Falsehoods"

From the horse's mouth: Political editor Richard Stevenson tells the Public Editor that John McCain is guilty of "demonstrable falsehoods," while Executive Editor Bill Keller accuses Sarah Palin ...

Times Mimics Post in Bashing of McCain's Ad Linking Obama to Franklin Raines

Julie Bosman says a McCain claim linking Obama to former Fannie Mae Executive Director Frankling Raines "is totally unsupported by the facts." Her takes rehashes a previous story by the Washington ...

The Times Misses the Lovable Loser McCain

Adam Nagourney, hypersensitive to attacks on Democrats: "...most notable are the dizzying cascade of attacks on Mr. Obama, who seems to have come to consume Mr. McCain..."

"Oratorical" Obama Ad Takes High Road, But McCain "Got Himself Into Trouble"

In an analysis of two new campaign ads about the meltdown on Wall Street, the Times portrayed Obama as a skillful and honest orator, while McCain "got into trouble" with a statement Obama and the ...

Chris Matthews Blames Republicans for Banking Crisis

MSNBC 'Hardball' host attacks congressman, calls Bush administration handling of crisis a 'Katrina moment.'

Bumiller Joins Obama to Paint McCain as Bumbler: Colleague Cries "Cheap Shot"

A Times reporter has her (and the Obama campaign's) assumption challenged on the idea that McCain is blind to America's economic woes: "When you listen to that sound-bite in its totality, isn't it ...

Networks Help Obama Bridge Gap on Earmarks

Journalists race to 'check' Palin claims, ignore Democrats' billion dollars in earmarks.

Front-Page Story Takes McCain's "Strong" Economy Remark Out of Context

Michael Cooper: "Mr. McCain has had to labor to get past the impression - fostered by his own admissions as recently as last year that the subject is not his strongest suit - that he lacks the ...

'Nightly News' Jabs McCain's Tech-Savvy

NBC reporter Kelly O'Donnell ignores McCain's work on Senate Commerce committee in segment similar to a recent Obama ad.

When Is "Ideology" Not Ideology? When It's Liberal Ideology

New Times reporter Jackie Calmes: "Yet Mr. McCain has at times in the presidential campaign exhibited a less ideological streak. As he did on Monday, he from time to time speaks in populist tones ...
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